Eating disorders thrive on shame, which holds its victims trapped within their illness. Eating disorders affect both men and women and it is very important that sufferers receive therapy as quickly as possible. We provide persomalised therapeutic programmes for all types of eating disorders:

    > Anorexia Nervosa
    > Bulimia Nervosa
    > Binge Eating Disorder (BED)
    > Diabulimia
    > Orthorexia

I believe that full recovery from an eating disorder and trauma is possible and I recognise that an eating disorder is an illness that begins in the mind, not the body. My approach is holistic, tailored to address the root causes of an eating disorder, not just the symptoms. My work is alligned with the Health at Every Size®️ (HAES) and non-diet approaches to wellbeing and I provide trauma-informed therapy.

Therapy can include a bespoke combination of:

> Individual therapy
> Couples therapy
> Family therapy
> Nutritional therapy
> Group therapy:
Body Image Group
Sex and Relationships Group
Psychodrama Group

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