Sex is a normal and important part of life, and people express themselves sexually in very diverse ways. How much sex or the type of sex one has does not define sexual compulsivity. In compulsive sexual behaviours, the problem is not the behaviour itself, but the relationship to the behaviour. The broadest definition suggests that it is any pattern of out-of-control sexual behaviour that has a significantly negative impact upon a person’s life. It is a pattern of behaviour that cannot be stopped. Sex is used like a drug to manage or numb painful feelings.
Compulsive sexual behaviours occur, when sex becomes a disproportionately high priority and obession, so that more and more time is spent planning, engaging in or recovering from the chosen sexual activity. The negative consequences of this behaviour affect a sufferer's relationships, social life, work life, law, finances, health and their sense of worth.
Struggling with compulsive sexual behaviours is not a choice and it is often a very shameful and lonely experience both for the sufferers and for their partners. Compulsive sexual behaviours may be rooted in one's early years in response to trauma. 

Psychological dependency is now recognized as a significant contributory factor to addiction and compulsive behaviours. It is now accepted that activities/behaviours like substances, can directly affect our brain chemistry. 

My approach

My approach is trauma informed, sex positive, kink aware and holistic, tailored to address the root causes of compulsive sexual behaviours, not just the symptom. My approach is based on clinical research on neuroscience, human sexuality and psychology. The aim of therapy is to help a sufferer explore their sexual and relational system, their sexual urges and desires, their emotional world and core beliefs. Therapy also incorporates psychological and behavioural interventions to manage impulse control and help the sufferer to self-regulate. It is important that a sufferer addresses the possible underlying trauma(s) and root causes of their compulsive sexual behaviours. When appropriate, healing the relationship that has been affected by the compulsive sexual behaviours is an important component of a sufferer's recovery. 
I offer the following services:
• Individual therapy
• Couples therapy
• Psychoeducation
• Group therapy
• Support for partners

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