The Empowered Woman is a 12-week coaching programme for women who want to explore their femininity, sexuality, relationships, desire, intimacy, pleasure, identity. The programme will enable you to challenge and change negative beliefs and patterns, make positive changes and find a new way of being in the world as a woman. 

This is a programme for women of all backgrounds and sexual identities. The programme is tailored to your individual needs and it may include: 

• Exploring and challenging negative beliefs patterns developed over time. 

• Making sense of emotions and learning to regulate them. 

• Exploring how past trauma (if any) has impacted on who you are today as an adult.  

• Coaching for Conscious Femininity. 

• Balancing Feminine/Masculine energies. 

• Coaching for Conscious Sexuality.

•Coaching for Conscious Relationships.

the empowered woman

Relationship Coaching can help you make tangible changes in your way of being in relation to yourself, others and your wider world. It is suitable for individuals, couples, co-workers, families and parents. Relationship Coaching is not a substitute or replacement for therapy, and therefore it is not suitable if your relationship difficulties stem from unresolved trauma, which would require a more psychotherapeutic approach. 

I offer: 

This is a coaching programme for parents who want to make sure they have all the right psychological, emotional and practical tools to parent their children. It can be a very helpful resource for couples who are going to become parents for the first time. It can also be useful for parents at any stages of their parenting. As an Eating Disorder Specialist, I a regularly support parents whose child is recovering from an eating disorder.


This is a coaching programme for couples who want to:

• Have a Relationship MOT. 

• Rekindle Sexual Desire. 

• Learn how to Handle Conflict.

• Explore tools and ways to build a long-standing and healthy relationship.

• Enhance Intimacy.

• Step-into a Conscious Marriage.

Couples coaching

Relationship Coaching

Tailored and holistic training to transform your personal performance as a leader.

One-to-one coaching designed to meet individual priorities and needs, and to explore your impact as a leader. You will gain insight into your personal performance and learn transformative behavioural skills. Session work offers a framework to support personal aims and expectations, and the complex dynamics and demands of navigating working relationships and leading teams or an organisation. Throughout the programme assessment is ongoing and the approach and content is open to review and change agreed upon between you and the therapist/coach.

A programme designed to meet complex needs:

• Your performance as a leader/ entrepreneur

• The demands of running a business

• Finding balance between work and personal life. 

• Engaging in and sustaining relationships

• Managing emotional responses

• Cultivating emotional intelligence

• Resolving conflict

• Managing change and transitions

Executive Coaching

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