I offer supervision to psychologists and psychotherapists.  This may be a stand alone session, bi-weekly or monthly depending on what you are looking for.  I specialise in working with attachment trauma and relationship issues.  I typically offer a supervision online to enable colleagues to think about their clinical work - it may be a particular relationship or clinical issue you want to focus on, an important part of this work includes your own self care and thinking about the impact of this work on you.  I also make space for us to think about your private practice and your professional development.

In my own clinical practice I work integratively combining elements of systemic family therapy, psychodyamic psychotherapy and emotionally focussed therapy and so these are the frameworks I would typically draw upon.  I utilise Hawkin's and Shohet's seven eyed model of supervision and apply this to supervision.  As a clinical psychologist and relationship therapist attachment theory forms an important part of my work in terms of how I formulate and understand my work.

If you are interested in engaging in supervision with me please do get in touch via email, in the first instance, and we can arrange a time to talk and think about what you need and what I am able to offer.  If I don't think I'm able to offer what you are looking for I will try and recommend a colleague or organisation better suited to your needs.  I offer supervision via Zoom online (similar to Skype but more secure) at this time. 

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