Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapist

Honorary Psychodrama Psychotherapist: NHS - Maudsley 

Honorary Psychodrama Psychotherapist: HMP Send

Family Counsellor: Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust

Counsellor: Hope House - Action on Addiction

clinical Director: The Recover Clinic

clinical manager: kingston Women's Centre

Founder & Director: Tree of Life clinic

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My clinical work involves offering therapy for sex and relationship issues, such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculation difficulties such as rapid or delayed ejaculation, reducing anxiety around sex, relationships, intimacy and dating, sexual abuse or assault, sexual health issues, compulsive sexual behaviours, vulval pain conditions, vaginismus, dyspareunia (pain during intercourse), pornography issues, orgasmic or anorgasmic problems, sexual phobias or aversions, fears around lack of sexual experience, loss of desire and arousal difficulties. Difficulties in our sexual and intimate lives and relationships are much more common than we think, and this is simply because we don’t know how to talk about them when they happen. As a society we don’t know how, or learn how to talk openly about sex, which makes sex and relationship therapy a unique and confidential space to have those conversations.

Prior to setting up Tree of Life Clinic in Central London, I was working as a Clinical Director for an eating disorder treatment programme in London and as a Clinical Manager for a women's therapy centre. My extensive experience of working in numerous mental health organisations, NHS hospitals, prisons, eating disorder and addiction treatment programmes coupled with my diverse training have enabled me to develop my own unique approach to working therapeutically; a holistic and creative one which addresses the whole person; mind, body and spirit. I am a passionate advocate for and teacher of mindfulness meditation and regularly interweave this into my work. I am committed to my professional development and I regularly undertake CPD training. I am currently receiving training in Psychosexual therapy.

As an integrative and creative psychotherapist, I draw on a wide range of modalities in order to create the right therapeutic approach for each individual. I engage my clients with a trauma informed approach, and as a creative psychotherapist, I incorporate creative and experiential therapy in combination with a cognitive-behavioural approach, where appropriate.  I also draw on depth psychology and the work of Carl Jung, where  I utilise dreams, metaphors and archetypes as a way of helping my clients deepen their relationship with their unconscious. 

Our collaborative alliance coupled with my innate ability to respond intuitively and authentically, is at the heart of the transformation and growth you will experience in working with me. Together, we will explore your present concerns with care, sensitivity, and curiosity, whilst staying open to influences from your past, and expectations for your future. The work unfolds over time as we attend to the deep questions. Through this process we invite the possibility of healing and of your discovering the truth of who you are and how you want to live. I bring warmth, creativity and spontaneity to my work, with the aim to engage you in your own process of discovering your personal creativity, spontaneity and potential.

“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives”

Hello, I'm Eva Koumpli and it will be my privilege to work with you. I am a fully accredited psychotherapist working with individuals, couples, families and groups in my London clinic in Fitzrovia, and worldwide through my online practice.  I'm able to offer time limited, short term programmes of sessions, long term, open ended psychotherapy, couples therapy and weekly group psychotherapy. I also run personal development retreats in the UK and abroad.

I specialise in trauma (sexual, relational and complex trauma), sex and relationships, eating disorders, compulsive sexual behaviours, gender and body image issues. I also regularly treat single event trauma, such as terrorist attack, motor accident, spiked drink, hearing shocking news like medical diagnosis, loss / bereavement, motor accident, stillbirth, abortion, difficult childbirth, IVF, medical experiences, separation, divorce. People often seek therapy because of symptoms affecting their everyday life; they are often unaware of the root cause of their self-sabotaging behaviours, relationship issues, emotional numbness. Trauma can go unrecognised for years, sometimes only being acknowledged when the sufferer seeks help for something else, such as addiction, eating disorders, anger management, or relationship issues. 

Hi,I'm Eva Koumpli

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